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Report calculation

Tax reports include orders applicable for the OSS procedure, e.g.:

  • Inner EU shipment (except base country)
  • Tax total greater than 0

The report will then calculate net total and tax total per country and tax rate for the order applicable.

Depending on your order count the report is quite processing-heavy - that’s why the OSS plugin uses the WooCommerce Action Scheduler to split the calculation into multiple iterations.

Filters exist to adjust certain report-specific details, e.g. whether the order paid date should be used to query the orders. Please be aware that adjusting these filters will only lead to adjustments for future reports.

Observer report

The observer report is a special report type which constantly observes whether you are approaching the delivery threshold for the current year. The observer lags 7 days behind to make sure that your customers had enough time to pay for open orders as by default only paid orders are part of a report.


  • oss_woocommerce_report_batch_size - The maximum amount of orders processed per iteration. Default: 50
  • oss_woocommerce_report_use_date_paid - Whether to use the date paid of the order for queries. Default: true
  • oss_woocommerce_report_include_order - Whether to include/exclude a specific order while processing.
  • oss_woocommerce_valid_order_statuses - List of valid order statuses. Defaults to all order statuses except wc-refunded, wc-pending, wc-cancelled, wc-failed