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In case you are facing issues with the plugin, please use our support forum to submit your question.

Some typical issues will be explained here.

Reports never complete

This issue might be related to problems with WP Cron and the WooCommerce Action Scheduler. Most of the times some security-related issues exist (e.g. htaccess configuration). You can check pending actions used by OSS under WooCommerce > Status > Actions by searching for oss_woocommerce.

Slow loading times

Depending on your server performance and order count, generating reports is a resource-intensive as the reports are calculated asynchronously by the WooCommerce Action Scheduler. One way to overcome this issue is by placing the following snippet within your active themes’ functions.php:

add_filter( 'oss_woocommerce_report_batch_size', function( $batch_size ) { return 20; } );

This snippet will reduce the maximum amount of orders processed within one iteration to 20.